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TCE's 14" Wilwood BBK sale

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Greetings everyone!

I've decided to sell off some brackets I have here for the 14" TCE/Wilwood front big brake kit. At a lower than normal price! These kit list for $2229 plus shipping and refundable core charge. As most folks who know me's not often things go 'on sale' here as the price points are geared toward low price all the time. But right now I need some cash flow, have some extra brackets and it's time to move them out.

The 14" kit is a complete front BBK with all the trimmings: FNSL6 calipers, red or black, slotted (optional X drilled) rotors, hubs, bearings, spindle mods, hoses pads etc. A proven part with a solid history of performance and value.

This week pick up this kit for only $1889 plus options, shipping and core charge! This deal will be limited to stock on hand and on a first come/first served basis. Don't or pm me today to get in on the one. SHOP: 480-967-7901 EMAIL: [email protected]

This kit will soon be replaced by a newer and updated kit once again hovering above that $2000 price point. While there's certainly nothing wrong with the current kit it's time to freshen up the menu so to speak.
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I have Todd's kits on the front and rear of my 96 396 Impala SS. Worth every penny! My car stops better than any Mercedes or Porsche I have driven.
Real nice products from him.
Thanks for the props!

Gotta be a couple folks out there who are looking for the all elusive 'deal' on's the time and this is it.
I would love to but moving wasn't cheap. What kind of Payment plans you got?
I would love to but moving wasn't cheap. What kind of Payment plans you got?

6mo no interest if PP approves the sale.
The supply of FNSL6 front six pot calipers for the TCE 14" front kit have been exhausted. Thanks to those who made that purchase and took advantage of the savings offered. You got a great kit for a great price!

Moving on...the new TCE/Wilwood 14.25" kit will use the all new Aero6 front caliper fit to the slightly larger rotor. This new caliper is similar to the few custom W6A kits I produced over the years but refined yet more offering both stellar looks, a stiffer body and a cleaner look with no external cross overs and one bleeder port!

This 'new' or revised front kit will be offered in BLACK, RED standard with Quick Silver Nickel and option as well as a limited number of custom powder coat finishes. *The silver being a small up charge.

Check out the new info and kits today! Yes a few bucks more but as always you get the modified spindles, hubs and bearings, and ss flex hoses included for one great deal.


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The FNSL6 sets are all gone. We've moved onto the Aero6 kits.
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