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I'm having some issues with my Fans not working correctly after getting the AC working again. I searched and couldn't find info here (could have sworn I already posted) so not sure it's been easily layed out for others how to do this. I'm familiar with the process but Gary at Innovative Wiring has a real nice Step by Step process for those who feel there could be an issue. This is taken directly from his webpage....

Fan testing

If you are having cooling fan problems here are few steps to help you fix them.
1) Check the two 40 amp fan fuses.
2)Pull the two fan relays and look at the fuse box is the plastic around the terminals melted? If so you will probably need a TSB Fan harness if everything looks good reinstall relays.
3)Start the car and pull the connector off the temp sender located in the water pump and both cooling fans should come on. (give it a few seconds). If both fans come on then the system is working correctly.
4)If no fans come on check the ground wires for the fan mounted on the core support on the passenger side.
5)If only one fan comes on swap the fan relays and see if the running fan also swapped if so you have a bad fan relay.
6)If you still have the same fan not working check the fan motor by unpluging the connector on the fan and jump the motor with wires one wire to ground and one wire to 12 volts the fan should spin if not fan motor is bad.

...this may be considered a shameful Plug for Gary but I can say (sure others would agree) that his stuff is Top Notch, the BEST and there is no Equal. I have his Battery Cables and Headlight Harness and they really improved my electrical system.

Here is a link to his website and if you ever need any item he carries you can buy with confidence and know you'll have a product that fits, is well designed and will outperform stock.

Innovative Wiring LLC

Be sure to check out the updated fan harness he sells if your terminals in the Fuse Box looked a little burnt. He even has the instuctions to install that posted on his site and pretty easy to follow.


May as well take this full circle. Here is the wiring diagram for troubleshooting your wires if you need to.
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