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Make that three '96 WB4 (wood-delete) Roadmaster wagons: my black one, the DCM Limited that I ordered new for my parents that now has just 20K (their Sunday car), & the beautiful LDM Limited Kansas City wagon that just turned 60K on the 340 mile trip home from two days spent at Fred's getting it set up only the way Fred could help you do it, since Arlington stopped ten years ago. My father also has the Black '96 Limited sedan w/65K that used to be in my sig-pic (was my wife's until I sold it to him)

My old-man, a friend who also has a '96 RMW, & myself drove 5 1/2hrs up to Fred's in a '94 DGGM RMW woodie w/111K that I will be selling soon for my parents. Fred has been looking for an extra-sharp car to replace their DGGM wagon for some time & this car will really make them very happy.

I took plenty of pictures of "before" & "during" on our field trip because I know you guys like pics & I will deliver them to you with the full story as I get time. I have to work through the weekend in my own shop due to being at Fred's & have to get to detailing, servicing, tinting, etc. the new wagon between customer's work, so I can post the "after" pics. Then my father & brother will visit (they live an hour north) us at the shore, bring the DCM wagon for it's annual detail, bring the DGGM wagon for me to detail & sell, & take the new LDM wagon home, but we'll get a "group" wagon pic of the four wagons (3 WB4's & 1 woodie) for you.

I'll get back with all the fun details, it really was a great time & I thought I had seen & met people that were excited about wagons, but Fred takes the cake. I had to start the post because after talking with Fred much over the past year & finally meeting him and getting such a high-quality car, I have only nice things to say about working with him to find this wagon & from what I saw, he truly has a wagon to fit everyone's price-range & expectations. It really will be fun in August at his picnic. (Fred, make sure your wife reads this & knows how much your customer's who kept you out late appreciate you!)

UPDATE: I NOW HAVE THREE PAGES OF BEFORE/AFTER PICS ON MY CAR DOMAIN HOMEPAGE - just click on the icon of a house in my sig & be taken to my page, where you will find pages 7,8,9 dedicated to this car - click on any pic to enlarge.

You will see pics of my father & I arriving at Fred's where we begin to "build a wagon" at Fred's "build a wagon workshop" which is like "build a bear workshop" for kids, but this is for big-kids. We started with a 58K Kansas City, MO car owned by 90-year-old people who garaged it from new. We swapped out the 2.56 open rear & in a 2.93 posi from an even lower mileage car - Fred's two men prided themselves in finishing that complete, with bleed & our original shoes/drums in 2.5 hrs with both cars road-ready. We swapped hoods due to a dent with a California car in the same color with original perfect paint, as only Fred can enable you to do. Ditto for grille & side mirrors. Since my mother wanted leather & preferred the '95-style fold-out cup holder, we swapped in a perfect limited heated leather set of '95 seats from a Va car for the limited cloth. We replaced the front bumper stainless with perfect pieces as the old people bumped them. We also filled orders for a door & various other parts from Fred's bone-yard. Working 'till dark the first day, I programmed the PCM for the rear swap & we drove the car for the first time then we took Fred to dinner.
The next day we finished up at Fred's build-a-wagon workshop & headed home in the afternoon. After talking with Fred over the phone for almost a year when he thought he may have a wagon for us, he came through with a car that is now really something to be proud of. The knowledge, courtesy, fairness, and service - both before & AFTER the sale is second to none I have ever experienced & he can accommodate any taste or budget, just give him your order & let him fill it, or have some fun working much of it out yourselves as we did. I just have some loose-ends to tie up on the car & then my parents will bring me the '94 to sell & take this LDM car home.
Here's a few pics:


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Very, very cool!

I've been wanting one of his WB4's lately too...just don't have anywhere to put it after the 2nd FWB!

Some day though...

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Frank, you were great help, too, in setting your own car up!

For the past two days, you & Lou have been at my shop first thing in the morning, and (*sniff*) I think I'm gonna miss ya today!

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Originally posted by BLACKJACK96:
Man.....this is like the 3rd REALLY nice wagon thats been posted this week!


boy!! i need to sell my sedan so i can get one of fred's wagons. this guy seems awesome, so many great stories.

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Steve, those are the original gas tank straps!

The picture of me choking Frank ("North Star - we show our love for our customers!") needs some explanation. The night Frank arrived, I had a 95 Ltd with heated leather arrive. Since Frank really wanted leather, we agreed to the swap. Alas, his car was not equipped with heaters, so instead of hacking and splicing to make the heaters work, I found an original harness in one of my parts cars, and we split up the wires to install FACTORY CORRECT wiring to power the heaters (why do it half-assed when you have the parts?) So that was the harness we were using to install the heaters. What fun!
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