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maybe the guys that got it 2 mos ago,. could re-mail them? to those who didn't?
Maybe i could put mine on e-bay??

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i checked the mail box yesterday and still
no magazine, but i did get a letter from ISSCA telling me that my membership is coming up for renewal soon, so do not forget to update my info.

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I have had a few of these situations pop up this week. If you have MOVED and did not update your address, ISSCA had to pay twice for shipping your magazine. Once when it was sent out and then (because when you bulk mail stuff you pay dearly for all returned magazines) ISSCA got dinged by the postal service for each returned mag.

It's so important for an operation like ISSCA not to waste money in unnecessary places. Not only does the USPS ding us but readdressing and sending out the mags again actually means paying AGAIN for shipping plus we pay for our office help to do this.

Here is the message from Heather in the ISSCA office:

In order to mail another magazine to an ISSCA member I will need to receive $3.50 for shipping and handling. Members can handle that in 2 ways. One way is calling me at (210) 293-1935 during office hours to give me credit card information. The hours are listed below. The other way is by mailing a check to the address below. Please pass the word along.

433 Kitty Hawk Dr.
Suite 113
Universal City, TX 78148

Tuesday - 1pm to 5pm, central time
Wednesday - 8am to 12pm, central time
Thursday - 1pm to 6pm, central time
Friday - 8am to 12pm, central time



Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding. If you are planning on moving or have recently moved, please let me know (I will pass info to Heather) or you can contact Heather directly.

Peace, love, and horsepower,

Bill DeBlasio
ISSCA Public Relations Officer
[email protected]

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Originally posted by Mondo454:
Please add me to the list as well.

My address has not changed.

PM'd you my info!

PM already sent to Heather at ISSCA HQ and she has promised she will get it out this week.

Did you move? Did you update your address with ISSCA? Did you PM me with all your info including membership number like in the instructions in this thread?


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That was the last issue. It's not a monthly, it's a quarterly mag guys. Anyone have anything to contribute, we would love to see it / review it / print it!

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I renewed my membership back on Feb 2nd and have not gotten a mag yet. I am wondering if I will be getting one?

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Originally posted by Southern Comfort:
I renewed my membership back on Feb 2nd and have not gotten a mag yet. I am wondering if I will be getting one?
Send me an email with all your info:

1. Home address
2. Verify if you have moved or not
3. ISSCA Member Number

And I will forward on to Heather in the ISSCA office.

Email me at: [email protected]


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