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L05 Caddy Intake
Parts Needed:

What to get from donor car:
Airbox from Cadillac TBI engine
Rubber boot (still attached to airbox with hose clamps on both sides)
Any intake hoses for the passenger side crankcase
Angled airbox stud from Cadillac throttle body
Two bolts to plug the old airbox stud holes

K&N cone filter # RU-3130
3" PVC pipe roughly 20" long
45 degree elbow for 3" PVC pipe
Optional small push-on filter for PCV intake (passenger side crankcase)

The airbox with stud can probably be gotten for around 10-15 bucks at a junkyard. The K&N filter listed costs about 30, and the small breather filter about 10 bucks.

Misc parts:
silicone sealant
PVC sealant
vise grips
various wrenches and sockets

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Wow check the date on this one! And check out my 9C1 wiper arms! Remember those??? Ahh college.

My car was either the first or one of the first. Ken Rolt would have to chime in to confirm. The car is still wearing it 8 years later...

I also switched to the air filter in my sig. I just don't trust oiled air filters, no matter what anyone says. Oiled air filters are for lawn mowers and weekend toys, not daily drivers. I also changed to the 94-96 windshield washer tank, as it gives more filter room (not shown in the pic).

Ok, here is a pic of the filter and newer tank. Geez, even this is 5 years old. I had just finished the LT1 exhaust conversion.
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