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Saw the "lean" mentioned on the post regarding the springs. I just wanted to post my experience in the hopes that it might help someone.

WARNING: Long story

I purchased my 96 SS used and it already had Eibach coils. The side views were great. But from the rear, the lean towards the driver side was very apparent. I searched the internet and asked questions on digests. I got many suggestings, but none that solved my problem. I just decided to live with it. I just accepted the fact that either something was awry with my chassis, or that something was wrong with the coils. There was much said on the digests about the coils improperly settling.

At any rate, I liked the way the Eibachs rode with the de Carbons, so I just left well enough alone.

I recently got new tires and, of course, a front end alignment. The shop told me that my front end was all screwed up and that it would take over $2000 to fix it. They pointed out that the right front of my car was much higher than my left front, which was also affecting the suspension in the rear. They said that my car would never align correctly without fixing the problem. They wanted to replace tie rods, ball joints, the idler arm, coils, and shocks.

I decided to take it to my mechanic to see what he thought. He said that at the most, my coils might need replacing, but that my shocks were starting to leak. He said that if I was going to replace my coils, I should also replace my shocks. So, I searched the internet and picked up some Hotchkis coils. He picked up some Monroe shocks, and went to work on the suspension.

When I went to pick up the car, it looked normal. Well, actually, it looked awesome. It turned out that one of the "tabs" that positions the front coils was bent, not allowing the right front coil to seat properly. Apparently, whoever installed the Eibachs did not do it properly. My mechanic fixed the problem and installed the new parts. And actually, he could have re-installed my old coils, but oh well.

I had a hard time understanding what he was talking about, so he showed me on the car. For those of you who have the "lean," you may want to check on this situation. You have to get under your car to check it out though. Take a flash light and look up into the center of your coil. In order to visualize it, hold your hand out with the palm facing down and all of your fingers pointing straight down. That is kind of what it is supposed to look like. Your fingers represent the tabs that position the coil. Apparently, if the installer is not mindful of the tabs, they can bend a tab, the coil will not seat properly, and it will seem like the car has a "lean."

Anywho, that's my story. My car now sits the way it should.
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