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The May winner is....

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Well done sir, WELL DONE!

I''ll get Admin to fix you up.
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Congrats B.
Car has came a long way since I met you 6,7,8,9 years ago.. lol
Look n good bro.
Thanks D! I forget how many years but seems like ive known u for ever cwm2

Nice ride!!;) Congrats!!:D
Thank you. there were alot of nice rides to compete with
Holy cow! Amazing! Anybody have specs on the wheels?
Thank you! wheels are 20'' Boss225, 8.5 fronts and 10 on the rears

Well done sir, WELL DONE!

I''ll get Admin to fix you up.
Thanks Firewood.

Car has come along way. when i first bought it in 2002, my plan was to keep it stock but once I started to see all the mods on here and from fellow club members, I realized that stock was not meant for me. Thanks to all for making this one of the best forum.
Also wanna say thanks to masburg. I wouldnt have entered if it wasnt for his skills.
CONGRATS...more pix please:D
CONGRATS!!!!! Beautiful car, well deserved win, and go ahead and post some more of those pics you have!
thanks guys! seing ur car makes me wonder if I should have chosen the DCM instead of the BBB. the car lot had both of them when i bought mine. congrats to you on all the fine work you have done to your cars (ive seen your work logs:D)
Congrats brotha, car looks great!! :D
Thanks G! I finally seen ur new paint job in person and I must say that paint looks good.

congrats.....i like these rims better then ur old ones.
Thanks Wolf!! I try to keep these rims clean cwm2
Ill stop by ur house once i have everything installed with the SC
Nice, I hope that seagull didn't take a dump on the roof.

I like the 20s, beent thinking about downsizing myself.
Thanks Gee...seagull missed my car but hit the others cwm2
Congrats on the win Lynwood, nice whip
Man this car is super clean..
thanks Guys!!! really appreciate it
Hey Lynwood, what did you use to black out the window trim? I've heard some people using different types of "tapes" but I wanted more of a permanent solution. Unless they make a"tape" specifically for this. If you painted them is just as simple as masking off the area and going at it, ect... Thanks dude. Clean car. The blacked out trim is what sets it apart. Simple but very defining mod.
I used the 3m tape for the windows. Not sure exactly what the 3m tape is made for but people from here use it and so far ive had it for more that 5 years and still looks good.
↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Thanks guys...being part of this family really motivates u to do more and im thankfull to be part of it.
speaking of being motivated, hows that SC install :D
taking my time on it now since im in the market for a home but see below. SC is on there and turns out I didn't need to replace the rear main seal after all, it was the timing cover seal. no more leaks. I decided to go the same route as BadImp and upgraded the harmonic balancer. I didn't know I was to put the pulley that came with the SC first then the new balancer in front of it but that's all I have to do before I take it to get retuned.

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thanks guys....still a work in progress but its getting there!
Steph my man...u da man!!
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