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Last Sunday while I was sleeping someone attacked my baby with a crowbar - they did the following:

the locks were smashed out on passengers side door and the trunk

the alarm siren was smashed under the hood

the glove compartment was smashed open

the head unit was pried out with the crowbar - very crude and the console is now hideously bent into a parralelogram

the face plate and all my favorite cds were stolen

the 600 watt amp in the trunk was stolen but he left the capacitor the mtx amp and the woofer - he didn't even unpug it he just cut all my expensive monster wires

So far I have fixed the glove compartment with epoxy but the trunk can be popped with a screwdriver and the passenger door likewise:

here is what I was thinking as possible repair plan: I get the trunk to pop with my alarm and just bondo over were the lock used to be and paint to match - likewise for passenger door and just unlock it from drivers door

get new alarm siren and install

wire the mtx amp into the infinities and just sell the woofer

get a new head unit and just live with a smashed up dash

start rebuilding my cd collection

Any other tips/ tricks - has anyone had this sort of thing happen and thought of a way to make the caprice more secure - I feel naked knowing you can just pop the door locks off like that and rip out an alarm siren - the only reason they couldn't steal it was the ignition cut off circuit - they left a hacksaw on the floor next to my steering wheel but didn't start sawing


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dude, i feel your pain, last car i had, i came home from a week away to find my trunk empty, $200 bandpass box and all...

what i realized is, " i still have my car, no tunes is better than no wheels at all"

YES it still sucks quite bad, knowing from experience, especially since my Ins. said "sorry" WTF is THAT!! they cant cover audio theft?

Im going to talk to my Ins. Agent when i wrap up my trunk setup, have them take pics and work out some sort of claim deal.

At leastwith my trunk, when its carpeted,you wont find the screws... the only thing you will ever get to do is wreck the subs by stabbing them or something, eveything is tied together, thats your other best bet, build somehing so it looks cool, hide all the connections, and hopefully you wont have to go through it again,

why do people have to do sisters fiance' got his truck broken into, they obviously where startled or something cuz heres what they took/didnt take, they DIDNTtake, this is unreal:
3 JLw6's in a fully custom tuned box,
clarion pro audio head unit
Percision power amps.
heres the best one to end this...

they pass up 6000dollars in audio equip for CHANGE!!!

sorry about your mistfortune though man..... :(

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USS Caprice,

First off that sucks! Did you have full coverage insurance? If so, why not claim it if your deductable isn't too high.

Don't bondo a single hole, if your going to fill them, do it right the first time and weld in small plates, then finish them with bondo.

About your alarm. Did you install it? What kind was it? Some alarm companies actually stand behind their product and will pay your deductable, I know DEI does on their Viper line.

Good luck with what ever you come up with.

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thats a damn good idea, i never even thought about the prints on the saw!!

Hopefully you didnt touch it everywhere.... :rolleyes:w

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I had my indash T.V. stolen right after I had my car washed and the thief left a full hand print on my drivers side rear window, I think he used that hand to get some leverage to freeze the drivers window with a screw driver and the cops told me they couldn't finger print the outside of my car because anyone could have put their hand there. talking about pissed, when I saw the hand print I could taste the blood, but it never happened(he-he)

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I had a system stolen one time, I had 4 12 inch Lanzar woofers, 3 Lanzar amps, and a cap. I called the cops and they accused me of insurance fraud. See, I found that soemone had stolen my sh*t at around 5 o'clock that evening. I called them at that time, and because it wasn't in the morning, they thought I might have been doing it for the insurance. A$$holes didn't even know I didn't have insurance on the car (not the caprice). I was pissed!

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I have two suggestions. The first is to hide everything that you can. It can make installation difficult, but at least you know it is safe. After all, they can not steal what they can't find. The second suggestion is to install everything OVERKILL. Use rivits, odd ball screws, nuts/bolts, anything that makes removal difficult. Every second the thief spends trying to remove equipment, is one more second they might get caught. It also gives the rest of your system a chance because they might run out of time before they are finished.

Been there, done that. If you didn't have insurance to cover your stereo, I feel for you. If you did, hopefully you have recipts and/or pictures. Insurance companies will not cover installation most of the time, but they will cover equipment. I had a claim with State Farm. Showed them the dammage, police report and recipts. They cut me a check right there and I went home. For those people who spend $5K on a nice audio/video system and install it into an automobile, GET COVERAGE. If you decide not too, I just have to wonder why.


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My soultion: Get rid of all your audio stuff, and make your car look plain jane. No tint or wheels or anything that looks nice.

I know that sounds stupid, but through similar experiences to yours, I have gone that route basically.
I had a Dodge Daytona (hatchback) with a smokin system back in the day. I had a 1200W Kenwood Amp stolen, which was mounted on the back of my sub box with my personal amp rack. I had two Kicker Comps in the box, with fans and mirrors and the whole nine yards.
The hatch and driver windows smashed with a pool table ball. My CD's were thrown all over the ground, cap, two other amps ripped out and left on the ground (stomped on). Whoever did it trashed my car to go along with $2000 worth of eqipment. The money value loss was bad, but it hurt BAD to know that all those hours of install were down the drain.

I used to be a big bass-head, but now I just come to this forum and live vicariously through all you guys. I don't want the audio in my car anymore---as soon as someone finds out where you live and hears you roll by, it is all over. I still fool around with maybe one ten inch sub and replace stock speakers, but no more big systems. THese kind of ripoffs make a guy paranoid.

My only other suggestion is to tone down the looks of the car----if it looks flashy or different than stock, then it attracts attention. Also, never boom the system around your house----or install anything in your driveway.
I used to go to someone else's house to do my installs, and turned down the volume 4 blocks away from my house so my neighbors wouldn't know what I have. I still got ripped off.

Sorry about your loss. It truly sucks, makes you feel helpless. I know the damn feeling.

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Been down this road before it sucks. I would recommend keeping a low profile. Hid your stuff and leave no valuables in your vehicle that aren't bolted down. I used to live in a bad area and it seemed to be the way of life.
Now on my baby I bolted my speaker box and amp down using torx bits with the tamper resistant style. The kind you find in public restrooms. They take a special torx bit to remove. I also bolted in my cd player using heavy guage metal not the flimsy strip it comes with.
Also get a good alarm. What a world of difference!
An alarm with a...
motion sensor that detects when the vehicle is raised or lowered, preventing a flatbed theft...
perimeter sensor if someone busts out a window and sticks a body part inside or looks into the windows...
shock sensor....
mercury switch hood and trunk...
starter kill and door trigger...
and a pager feature that pages you when the alarm goes off...
For about the first theee months I ran outside to my car every time my pager went of till I got all my sensors adjusted right. Now I have no false alarms and I feel very secure. Hopefully I can catch them in the act and arrest them.

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well yeah out here in chicago and the suburbs this happens alot man, plenty of people gotta deal with it, thats why i got a chain/padlock on my trunk, and if they even get into it, they can have fun trying to carry/getting out the huge ass box i got, along with trying to get my amps that theyd have to break alot of **** without me waking and shooting at them through my window :D

(my car is parked right below my window in the back of my house) just gotta think how to do stuff so they cant take it....

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yep this has happens alot to my friends and their rice mobiles....10 years ago someone also broke into my basement to steal some amps my dad had down there(and they weren't his). I'm going to hookup my garage to my houses security system if I can, we already put some police deparment stickers on the windows of the garage to scare some bad guys off. Good thing my caprice has a very loud alarm

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I'm ashamed to say it but I spent 3 years hanging out with possibly the best car theives in brooklyn !I can tell you right now they were very young ! A sart car thief steals the car not the system !I've been broken into once and tried once more but thanks to my friends they din't get anything the secong time !!!
Cut-off switch!!!!!!!
Bolt the end of a HEAVY chain on your trunk , drill a hole on the bottom of your trunk and slide the chain thru then get a HEAVY lock like the ones they put on store gates and lock it from the bottom ! That should be enough to keep the trunk safe ! As far as door , get door popers and put razor blades in the handle ! Only you know to open the door with the remote ! Glass sensor ! Another kill switch ! There is a kill switch that takes those round keys and while grounding your ignition it also locks the hood so when the alarm goes off they won't cut the battery !Try to hide the siren !Best place is in front of the radiator and behind the grill ! They won't get to it there but it will get very dirty , that's the loudest place you can put it too ! Close off the ttrunk and justuse the remote !
It's not weather they will get in cause they will get in . It's your job to make it as long not hard as possible !The chain n the trunk has been the best so far and The razor lades do work so carry a rag to wipe the blood ! REMEMBER THE KILL SWITCHES ! If they can take your within 4 mins then your not doing a good job ! Let the chain show even if it hit's the floor ! Some one will try you and they will be drunk and not care about the alarm and get your radio , and inside speakers so keep everything in the trunk like amps and changers! Put the razors in the door handles and get the chain !!!!!!!

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A true car thief never breaks into a car for the system but for the car it's self ! I know o f19 cars that were broken into and taken with the VIN chanded and the car had a new owner ! As far as flat beds ! If I saw a car with the alarm going off on a flatbed , I would stop the guy , just think he's got tickets and the alarm is going off! If I saw someone breaking into someone elses car I wouldn't stop them , Probably just call the cops ! Something to think about ! GEt a distinct alarm tone instead of the sae 6 tone that every one has!

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BCs71:
I don't want the audio in my car anymore---as soon as someone finds out where you live and hears you roll by, it is all over. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

That's exactly the reason why I don't have a system in my wagon. Stereo theft is a major problem at universities and I don't want to fall victim to it.

I'm also not going to even bother with alarm systems because they don't work. Sure they might go off adn scare a thief away, but by the time that happens they've already messed up your doors/windows/dash/etc. How many times have you heard a car alarm and just passed it off as some dumbass not knowing how to turn their own alarm off? I've seen and heard that so many times it's ridiculous. Not to mention the fact I'd sleep right through it if one were going off on my own car in the middle of the night.

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I think you should get an alarm , but not to protect your car , just to kind of call you ! If you have a distinct siren , then you know when it's your car !!!Don't forget the razor blades!

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First off, Razor blades under the handle is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Second, a good security system is only a deterent, if they really want your car they will hook up to it and tow it.

I have been installing alarms for 15 years and the best protection are the following:

1. Good quality alarm.
2. Door, Hood and Trunk Pinswitches. (no current sensing)
3. Dual stage impact sensor.
4. Solder and heat shrink all connections and hide all security equipment. (siren in passenger fender behind battery)
5. Add a high frequency microphone to detect glass and metalic noises.
6. Very visable LED on the dash, most theives will move to the next car unless they have specifically targeted your car.
7. Remember to arm the alarm, I know it's stupid but it happens.

Discussion Starter · #19 · and your razor blades....(Even though its not a bad idea, and that its gives me the chills just thinking about it...
You're always gonna have that one friend, wife, g.f., slicing their sh*t up.
Best bet is to do what I basiclly do every night before going to bed. Have an alrm with the pager...and tape it up around your head to your ear while you sleep...ohh and a ''9'' taped to your shooting hand....
(P.S. Dont forget to put the safety on.)
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