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Those with 9c1 cars, what police department did you car work for back when it was new?

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I'll start.

I have 4 9c1 Caprices

1994 Caprice - City of Yonkers PD, New York

1994 Caprice - City of Anna PD, Texas

1995 Caprice - Madill PD, Okahoma

1995 Caprice Glenpool PD, Oklahoma
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Sweet car! I met you and saw it in person a few months back, I'm the guy that checked out the transmission with my father. Still on the lookout for 9c1 parts for you.
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My 1995 was an LAPD car. Pretty sure it was an admin car. It has a 60/40 front seat, a single red light above the front windshield mirror and blue and amber rear deck lights. it has 40k miles on it now.

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My 2014 was Carlsbad California Police. I haven't had this one very long. Still working on it.

I have an 89 that I can't find a decent picture of. It's not ready for the internet yet. Admin car from the LA area too. No signs of it ever being in service.
That 95 LAPD 9c1 is a beaut. How was it spec'd? Manual windows and vinyl front 60/40 seat or the more typical cloth and power windows?
I purchased this 94 9C1 about six months ago. Saw it advertised on Craigslist. Guy who owned it lived only about two miles from my residence in Meridian, Idaho. He owned car for about 15 years. Guy who I bought car from told me it was a Washington State police car, but that is all I know about its background. Has the LT1. So far I have replaced the fuel pump, front and rear shocks, front and rear brake pads and rotors, parking brake pad, flushed out old brake fluid, axle seal, serpentine belt, and recharged AC. I am saving up to get four new Cooper Cobra tires. Then I want to replace stock mufflers with Magnaflow 11235 mufflers and delete the resonators. View attachment 206381 View attachment 206382 View attachment 206383 View attachment 206384 View attachment 206385 View attachment 206386
Beautiful car. What's the paint code on it?
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