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Those with 9c1 cars, what police department did you car work for back when it was new?

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I'll start.

I have 4 9c1 Caprices

1994 Caprice - City of Yonkers PD, New York

1994 Caprice - City of Anna PD, Texas

1995 Caprice - Madill PD, Okahoma

1995 Caprice Glenpool PD, Oklahoma
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You think finding the parts was hard it took me 3 years to finally get written permission from the Michigan State Police to restore the car. When parts were located they were anything but cheap for sure!

This is correct. A buddy of mine restored a 1972 Fury as well, an original MSP car. And went through the same thing. It's cool that MSP will work with you, if you know who/what/how to ask for permission. He is a cop, so that helps. But it sure does take time and money. It's also cool that MSP used those stop signs on the hood for decades (although there were slightly different style and materials differences over the years, brass versus plastic, etc).

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Yikes, where do I begin. I've owned several. But here is the most recent (active and scrapped 9C1s)...

1994 Caprice 9C1:
Came from Shelby County, TN, according to the ghosted lettering on the sides that can only be seen with correct lighting.
Wheel Car Vehicle Land vehicle Tire

This picture was taken days after I rescued it out of a field where it sat abandoned for years. I've done some work on it since then, it looks better today. But I still consider it the "beater with a heater", mainly for winter use. It had zero rust when I pulled it out of the field, so that confirms it was a southern car.

Oddly the title is from Georgia and has no traces back to TN. Unfortunately I think the title got washed in GA. Chances are this car was left abandoned (more than once) in its life. For a long time. It still had the original GY Eagle GT+4 tires. Which I still have, but would never use due to age. The car didn't run, bad cylinder #6, blown transmission, fuel tank leak, wiring issues, cracked diff carrier, lots of other problems. It needed a complete drivetrain swap, interior was full of mold and mice. It was a basket case. Got it cheap, gutted it, rewired with harnesses and parts from the other '94 below. Put it back on the road. Drive it quite often in the winter. I keep the undercarriage coated with Cosmoline. Still zero rust. Even though every body panel is dented. LOL.

1995 Caprice 9C1:
I have not been able to track down the specifics of this car. Vehicle history report says "governement" or something generic like that, and nothing else (when I bought it 20+ years ago). I could not find any other history, no clues in the glove compartment or in other hidden places. Just a generic white police car. Did have scars of a light bar. It was clean, and only 35K miles. But it still needed some mechanical work due to what I suspected to be high-idle hours. I did lots of go-fast mods to it over the years. It has nearly 200K today and shows no signs of stopping.

Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Wheel Car Land vehicle

Scrapped 1994 Caprice 9C1 car:
Came from North Huntington PA. Patrol unit. White top half, royal blue bottom half. I bought it cheap and rusty, and drove it until it wasn't safe anymore. Still ran perfect. This car donated everything to the '94, above before being scrapped.

Wheel Land vehicle Car Tire Vehicle

I also own another 1995 Caprice 9C1 parts car (possibly for sale):
Came from North Huntington PA, K9 unit.
Cleaned and restored back to a normal back seat after I bought it. Let an ex-gf drive it for a while.
Still wears the white top half, royal blue bottom half.
I think it has nearly 300K miles on it. Ran when parked (garage). I recently ran it on throttle body cleaner (started it up and move it a foot forward) to yank the trunk lid. Otherwise haven't touched it in 15+ years. LOL.
(no pics, looks identical to the scrapped white/blue '94 above, minus the rust)
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