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Those with 9c1 cars, what police department did you car work for back when it was new?

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I'll start.

I have 4 9c1 Caprices

1994 Caprice - City of Yonkers PD, New York

1994 Caprice - City of Anna PD, Texas

1995 Caprice - Madill PD, Okahoma

1995 Caprice Glenpool PD, Oklahoma
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This was my first patrol car given to me October 18th 1993. My Sgt tossed me the keys and my first day at work.
28 years later, fully retired, and have legally owned 98 of them, still a "on going" fun hobby.
I just found and restored this super clean 1994 9C1 car with 68k miles.
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