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the broken bolt issue on the manifold has finally gotten bad enough that i'm finally willing to get the exhaust replaced on it, and i had a few questions...

just in case the manifolds are shot, i noticed on rock auto new ones are listed at $59 each, including gaskets and hardware, which i find pretty hard to believe, especially since they're listed at $238 on rms's site. is there something wrong with them? or maybe it's a typo?

if they're rotted out and i have to pay $238 each i'd probly just pay the extra 100ish and get tri-ys for it. if i go that route would i need to upgrade my knock sensor and module so it doesn't pull timing?

also, for mufflers, i like the way spintech's sound, but i'm planning on keeping cats on it. their site says the "sportsman streets" are too quiet on cars with cats, but i don't really want anything obnoxiously loud when i'm just driving slow and idling. do you guys think i should just go with the super pro streets and maybe leave the resonators on? the super pro streets seem to sound a little tinny to me, but i like the way these sportsman street xls sound:

seems like that's pretty loud though, but i guess its hard to judge volume on the computer

i really don't want it to drone when im going down the freeway either. my friend has a formula firebird that does that and it annoys the hell out of me... sounds like someone's trying to suffocate chewbacca with a pillow in the back seat.

really wish we still had the exhaust sound clip thread still :-(
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