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O.k. I was going to post this a long time ago, but I kept forgetting.

I took my wagon to the track a few months ago, I was told that my wagon should have done better because I have 3.73 gears, CAI, PCM4Less, 2 1/2" Exhaust.

Maybe I need new 1.6 rollers, and springs to wake up top end??

I also was on 20's at the time, now I'm back on

I was right on the bumper of a 67' GTO the whole way. I lost, but I still felt kind of good considering what I was up against.

This is what I did get, can someone tell me If I'm losing power at bottom or top end?

Does this seem right?

R/T .627
60 2.147
330 6.395
1/8 9.918
MPH 70.00
1000 12.977
1/4 15.571
MPH 87.01


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What was the weather like?
My wagon has been to the track once at 180K miles a year and a half ago was a good weather night only mods were mechanical fan belt delete, self 87 octane tuning, drilled airbox, TB bypass, sewerpipe and it went 15.5 at 88mph up against an 04 Impala SS that went 15.6

The 20s hurt you but given the other mods, weather might be the key to why we went about the same.
Springs certainly will help a high milage motor as the stockers are quite weak.

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You did better than stock, which from recollection of other timed I've seen posted here tends to be around 17.5 sec and 75 mph

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Originally posted by lakeffect:
You did better than stock, which from recollection of other timed I've seen posted here tends to be around 17.5 sec and 75 mph
Those are TBI times.

A slow LT1 wagon would be low 16s.

If nothing else we just need to get together at GLD or WIR in spring. I have cables and software as well as a few years experaince in playing with these pigs. Might be a good excuse for me to drag the wagon again.

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High 15s is normal for a well-running LT1. Running on 20s definitely hurt you, guarenteed, if only for the weight, never mind the traction.

You were down 2 mph on me though, despite running 3 tenths quicker. That trap speed shows you're hurting for horsepower. I ran 15.89 @ 89, which is odd considering my LT1 was stock and yours has all those mods. Again, I suspect he 20" wheels hurt the power at the wheels a bunch, but that much? I'd maybe get it on a dyno and see where you're losing power...

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Hi Dave. On my 95 I had ever thing that you have but with 3:23's and ran a 14.48 in 38 degree weather. You should be in the 14's with high temps and a decent side wall. Call me.

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