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I'm going to need tires on all 4's soon on the 9C1. I'm using stock steel rims (15x7). I just inallsted a 3.73 Eaton rear and am currently running a 28" tall tire. I want to keep this height tire to help my highway RPMs any way I can and also keep me from needing another program change.

Now opinions on 275/60 on a stock rim? My only other real choice is a 235/70 unless anyone has some good ol thoughts for me?

Up front I'm either gonna run a matching width tire (if its 235) or a 255/60 if I go to a 275/60.

Thanks guys

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Originally posted by 94SSLT1:
.......Now opinions on 275/60 on a stock rim?....
That size on a stock 9C1 rim is a bad idea.....though some may disagree

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