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Tony, we love ya and are gonna miss ya!! *UPDATED*

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Folks, this is a message I do not want to type.

I called Tony Howell and left a message on his home phone Saturday, wondering where he, his better half and Floyd were. I thought it was strange not to have heard from either Tony or Floyd the week prior to the club's Fall Gathering.

Tony is an original member of DeepSouthSS, an ISSCA member, a deputy in Tifton, GA, is married to one of the most beautiful members of DeepSouthSS, Shannon, and arranged an escort on I-75 this past Spring for us to take our signature club picture on the home page of the DeepSouthSS Yahoo forum site. Tony and his DCM are in there somewhere.

As some of you may know Tony has been recovering from his last of three very intense chemotherapy series for cancer of the throat and he said he was feeling stronger. He even drove over with Shannon for the day to hang out with us at our NMCA car show in September.

The reason Tony did not make the Gathering this past weekend is that he was home awaiting some test results. Floyd called me last night to let me know they were positive for liver cancer. Barring the Lord's intervention or a medical breakthrough, the prognosis is not good.

They want their privacy. No calls. No visits.

I talked with Big John, who's wife is a Hospice nurse, last night. He's gonna talk to Penney and find out what's the best thing we, as DeepSouthSS members, could do for Tony and his wife. I'll let y'all know what we come up with.

God bless you, Tony. I love ya, man. I'm prayin' for you, Shannon and the family, brother.

Tony's first car show trophy last year.

Floyd just called this morning and said that Tony left us this morning for a much better place with endless drag strips and unlimited power Impala SS runs.

May God bless his soul and give Shannon the strength to endure.
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All of our prayers can now only follow him to the eternal peace.
I pray that his soul is at home with the lord And he is looking down upon us with a smile.

Sometimes the lord calls the best home for reasons unknown to us.

He is in my thoughts and prayers.
Very sad to hear. My prayers are with the family.

I'm very sorry to hear of Tony's passing.

We can never be sure what life will throw at us.

Please pass on condolences to Shannon from all of us who know or had met her and Tony, and assure Shannon and Tony's families that we are all thinking of them during this most difficult time.

Hang in there!
Fellow SS member,
First off thanks Gene for the little write up you did and just to let you know Tony thought of you as a good friend and was happy to have known you and all other members that he has meet in the last few years.
I have been there with Tony and Shannon since the begaining of this whole ordeal and let me tell you people, Tony never gave up on himself or the doctors. He went through things that I dont think I would have been able to go through. Tony was one of the strongest persons that have ever known. He never lost his sense of humor even when we were taking him to the hospital this morning and he was in great pain.
Tony and I worked side by side for many years fighting crime, and watching each other back through life and death situations. Tony is and will always be my best friend.


R.I.P Tony
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One more note (but not the last thought) on Tony...

Went up to Tifton today to say goodbye. Went by to say goodbye to Tony and make sure that Shannon received all the blessing everyone has shared. She's one hell uva trooper and was doing well considering. She told me we now have a new member, her. I told her she already was and we are glad she wants to hang on with her B-Body family. Needless to say the tears flowed.

Tony REALLY looked great in his dress uniform.

One big send off was orchaestrated by the local law enforcement officers with at least 60 in attendance, Tony's patrol car blacked out, the GSP sent the bag pipes and over 50 police cars in the procession to the cemetary with the BOILR-SS bringing up the rear before the hearse. The Sheriff even wore the Barney Phyfe (Tony's nickname for his boss) neck tie Tony gave him a few years ago for the first time. Over 500 friends and family were in attendance at the ceremonies. Tony was well loved by all.

R.I.P. Tony!!!

P.S. It took all my restraint to keep from blowin the doors off all those Crown Vics in one final salute to Tony on the way over to the cemetary. I'll be going down to Tony's new resting place soon and leaving a lil rubber salute to our friend on the paved road next to it.
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Gene it was good to see you today and thanks for coming. And just to let you know that Tony would not have it any other way so you come and leave those black marks because he has left them in front of all his friends house....He will be grinning from up above and saying is that all you got............
LOL :D Damnit, Floyd! Ya know, I can hear him now!

I'm gonna wait until I get Bostic's tranny in and the burnout specials mounted, then I'm gonna leave two out of that place all the way to I-75! Video WILL BE provided. Then I'm gonna take Shannon down the track at Cecil as my copilot for my first 11 second run. Imagine she'll be even harder to hear when I'm done. :eek:
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