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Is that swap worth it over just an OEM opti?
First, I am a big Torqhead fan, and I love mine.

However, my answer to your question is "NO, not at all".
If you can still get a good mitsubishi sensor optispark, if you haven't gotten frustrated and stranded by multiple opti failures, if you don't have a complex set up (power adder, etc.), if you aren't looking for big horsepower, and most of all; if you don't require finding someone to "tune" the car, then you have no need for a Torqhead conversion.

Finding someone to tune our old cars is difficult, and that gets exponentially harder if you require a special tune. When I checked my area for tuners, no one wanted to touch my car (at any price). Knowing I planned on leaning on my motor AND using a power adder, I did not want to go with a mail order tune. My only choice for a reputable local tune was to upgrade the PCM to an LS style computer. Since I don't understand wiring at all, the Torqhead kit made this task easy for me.
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