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I'm located at 60416. Sorry about the pics, not sure why links aren't active on my phone. Pm me if you want to set pics in email or something.

Hd2 (old version) asking 50 shipped

Trim asking 50 plus shipping...might be expensive due to size of box needed

Bumper covers: free pick up

Hd2: New in box but may be old version (inherited it 10 years ago). Everything is still wrapped in original packaging and never installed. I looked online and it appears kits have the high rev spring kit with some servo shims which this doesn't have. I think everything else is there. I'm sure this was how the kit came at the time. Most people may not care to tear the trans apart to install the high rev kit anyway.

Only thing i notice is that the boost valve had some surface rust in-between the lands on sleeve. Don't think it will be an issue and emery cloth will clean it.

Trim: i think it is from an ss since they are wrapped. painted med adriatoc blue. Fronts are in pretty good shape. Driver Rear is ok shape. Pass rear side was side swiped and has a flat spot. The coating on inside where it snaps on fender is splitting.

Hd2 pics

Trim pics (can take more on request)

Bumper covers
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