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As you are new here note the post a couple up from here - Dustman.

aka Shane; and he's our tranny guy here on the east coast. I guess I should say THE tranny guy to those that know him. Many of us have watched him rebuild a 4L60E at night in a parking lot on a car hauler trailer half asleep. We thought it was the beer.....

I personally have watched Shane in action. What caught my eye during his parking lot OJT show was how he inspected worn parts after they came out and his attention to detail during the reassembly. The man is extremely good at what he does.

I realize this doesn't help much with you on the left coast, but at least you can communicate with him if necessary for advice/do's/don'ts and guidance.

And you really should drop that 4-letter word from your name. Why stir the pot from the git-go?

Good luck with your ride - I would plan to spend a weekend on a creeper with an inspection light checking everything on the underside front to back. This after replacing all the steering linkage downstream of the steering box. And ball joints, bushings, bearings....
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