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hey guys, new to the forum and i just got a 95 Impala ss from a friend. well the transmission is acting up as most do. here is the problem. it shifts from 1st to second just fine. then when it is supposed to go to 3rd it acts like it goes into neutral. i belive it is slipping pretty bad. so i have a few options. 1. go to the junk yard and get another for the time being. the good thing is that it is Half price day this weekend at my local junk yard so the transmission would only be $100. or i can rebuild it with a couple buddys that have a little knoledge with transmissions. may take awhile and may work but not sure. this route is $140 for the rebuild. now for the real questions. if i can get it from the junk yard what year and what cars will i find this transmission in that i can do a direct replacment. the easy thing would be to find a 95 impala ss that has a transmission but everyone knows that its not that easy so i need to prepair for the worse. any help would be great.

PS. i was out trying to diognose the transmission and it hit 50mph and the lower ball joint snapped here are a few pics.

"my life SUCKS...... is there any hope for this car"??????

front end will need to be rebuild depednign on the dmg, do you have insurence?
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