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Traveling to the Nationals mishaps

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Chris and I left for Indy on Thursday, so he could race at Putnam Park on Friday and we could both race at IRP on Sunday. On the way there, the trailer holding SSONIC had a tire blow-out. Chris pulled over to the right shoulder after I called him when I saw smoke and I was further ahead of him on the left shoulder of the highway. Chris then told me I had to back up to him bacause my car had the spare and the jack. I put the car in reverse and waited for a clear shot, and floored the car backwards diagonally across the highway and down the shoulder until I reached Chris. I didn't hit anything, but my daughter about crapped her pants when we did it. Unfortunately, a cop that saw me was not impressed with my driving skills. When he started yelling at me, I told him my husband made me do it and started crying. The tears were genuine, I really didn't want a ticket! I was eventually given a warning. ;)

Later that day, the trailer got another flat tire. We pulled into a truck stop and put fix-a-flat in it, but it just ran out where the nail in the tire was located. Chris took my car to buy more tires while I stayed with the trailer. While waiting, the Durango's horn (which was the tow vehicle)started blowing without anyone touching it for a minute straight. I told Chris about it, but it didn't seem to concern him. After we got back on the highway, the horn started blowing like he was in road-rage with everyone around him. The horn would not stop, so Chris pulled over and disconnected them. We then made it to the hotel uneventful. The next day the battery was dead, so we had to eventually replace it by the end of the Nationals.

Friday, Chris broke his posi while road-racing at Putnam, but got it fixed on Sat.
On Sunday, we raced at IRP in the 1/4 mile NO BOX division. All the other classes were 1/8 mile or 1/4 mile With BOX. Chris was out in the 1st round and had to watch me race. ;) The boys in my division didn't like that a girl was beating them, so they would huddle and look at me while I waited alone to kick their butts in the next round. The track guys were nice and talked to me.
One of the rounds, I got a bye for having the best reaction. The boys were not happy and asked to see the clipboard with the scores. I made it to where there was only me and 2 boys left. The track then combined our 1/4 mile NO BOX class with the 1/4 mile BOX class. I didn't think that was fair. It's like giving a math test to 2 students and allowing 1 student to use a calculator and the other student to do it by hand (teacher analogy). Well, my next round I was racing a dragster -not even a car. I don't know if he had a box or not, but I was so freaked out by the idea of NO BOX and racing the Dragster, that I red-lighted. I wasn't too bummed bacause I beat him across the line (he probably let up to save his engine though).
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Unfortunately you guys had already left well before I found out the tranny was dead and I didn't have your number. I do appreciate the offer, hopefully this was a fluke.


Yes, it was a tranny I had done before I left so I wouldn't have to worry about it.


HAHAHAHA, I had it done by a local guy who has done my stuff for years.
I just got off the phone with him a little while ago, the teeth/lugs in the drum sheared off.
Car is already back together and good to go.
He pulled tranny, cleaned, fixed and reinstalled and covered it under warranty.
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Originally posted by FIRSST:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Buffman:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by KW Baraka:
Just glad you and the family made it there (and back
) safely :D !!!!

Wish I could've joined ya :(

Only thing I did over the 4th was attempt to launch a lit festival ball out of my potato cannon, and then have the gun fail to ignite, so I was standing there holding a cannon made of PVC with an exploding firework in it. Needless to say I was able to heave how the ball out of the barrel in time for me to turn my back

Ohh and a stupid little piece of metal broke or has been broken on my #5 injector clip for some time, so until my darn part comes in my car runs on #7 cyls when it feels like it.
</font>[/QUOTE]Hey! Aren't fireworks illegal in MI? HA! Do you ever talk to Tom Fish? Have him give Chris a call or a PM if he doesn't have our number. By the way, our house still hasn't sold in MI. Who wouldn't want a 4 car garage that is 2 stories high for a lift and has it's own dedicated heater and air conditioner for it and a seperate 4 car garage? We sure miss our old house. :(
</font>[/QUOTE]Yeah they are at the moment, but I've been reading about a bill that's goign to the house to legalize them.

Yeah I talk to Fishie all the time. He was over the other day when I borrowed his Cherry Picker.. I'll tell him SSONIC's looking for him
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Michelle it was a blast meeting you and Chris. My girlfriend Kenya still talks about you. Catch ya guys next time. Tyrone
Isn't it fun going to these events? Last year we had to change the rear springs in my car before when we got everything loaded and it was dragging the ground. I missed out this year but I got the privilege of jumping you and Chris off on the side of the road last year in the Poconos. :D
Originally posted by dld9c1:
Isn't it fun going to these events? Last year we had to change the rear springs in my car before when we got everything loaded and it was dragging the ground. I missed out this year but I got the privilege of jumping you and Chris off on the side of the road last year in the Poconos. :D
I think Chris is becoming infamous at having something go wrong at every racing event. This is why I will not let him mod my '99 TransAm with WS6. LOL Actually, he is getting a lot of practice at fixing cars and practice makes perfect. Right?
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