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i bought a 96DCM a few weeks back, and i noticed the other day that there was something hitting my fot when i pressed the brake, i crawled up under to see that there is an alarm installed, no name on it, no model numbers, no nothing, just a little black box with wires, and another smaller box with little red switches on it, numbers 1-10 or so, i called the previous owner to ask him if he knew of this, he said yes it is an alarm that he only used the remote start feature on it,

he said that is quit working and took it to the highest priced stereo shop in town and they said it was bad, he found the old remote, the only 1 he had left, i tried it out, nothing, so i replaced the battery, WOW the car started, hit the button again it cut off, that was cool!!

my question is, on the back of the unit it has next to the plug ins, windows, locks, trunk,etc.

im trying to find a manual on this unit so i can use the rest of the features available, and dont have the part number(s) only thing i see is the remote has TRC on it, i seen a site called, the site is down, does anyone have a clue where i can find literature on this unit, i can look at the pics to see if its like mine, i think its an older unit, the remote is just black with 2 little black buttons on it, any help woule be great, thanks

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