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Ok, I'm sure it was in here before the giant data loss but......

My trunk will not latch closed. If you slam it 150 times, you might be lucky enough to get it to latch. Even that's iffy. I've actually beaten the trunk lid so badly trying to get it shut that now it's got enough dents that I think it should be replaced. Or maybe it's time for a langness spoiler. Who knows.

Anyhow - are there any common reasons why this is? Or common parts to fail here? The latch itself will not actually click shut even if I push it "closed" with the lid up. Like I said, it IS possible if you stand there for 20 minutes that eventually one time it will click in properly.....

I'm sure this must be a really common thing, anyone got any suggestions? Or just take it off and get a whole new latch?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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