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Does anyone know where anyone can buy a Turbo Kit for a 95 Impala SS LT1 engine? It's currently set up for nitrous right now but don't have the bottle hooked up. I just want to push between 6-8 lbs boost. I will copy and paste some of the things that's already done to my engine just to give you a better idea of what i'm dealing with.

- 355 Cubic Inch LT1 (i.e., .030 Over Bore), Rebuilt By Horsepower Engineering, Inc, (Rebuilt November 2009)
- GM Corvette Block 4-Bolt Mains (New cam bearings / New main bearings)
- Cast Crank (cleaned, checked, re-finished, re-used)
- 6.0 Inch Forged Rods ( cleaned, checked, re-used)
- ARP Head Bolts And Main Studs
- Clevite 77 Bearings
- New GM Heavy Duty Timing Set
- High Volume Oil Pump
- New Comp Cam Roller Lifters
- New Com Cam Custom Grind – XFI Grind; 224/230 duration; .574/.569 lift; 113 LSA
- New Custom Fully-Ported (runners and openings) LT1 Intake 52MM by Racekrafters
- F-Body EGR Valve With Solenoid
- 52mm Throttle Body & Air Foil With “Grand Sport” TB-Plate
- Refreshed Ported Iron LT1 Cylinder Heads (See Flow Data Below/Next Page)
- Severe Duty Stainless Valves (Ferrea: 2.00 Intake/1.56 Exhaust)
- Comp Cams Pro Magnum Rocker Arms (Pro Magnum 1.6)
- Comp Cam Hardened Guide Plates With 7/16 Hardened Studs
- New Crane High Performance Valve Springs
- Comp Cam Titanium Retainers
- Crane Hardened Pushrods
- Replaced Oil Seals
- Milled
- New LT1 Injectors (30lbs)
- Hennessy Cold Air Induction With K&N Filter
- New 3.5 F-Body Mass Air Flow
- New Optispark & Harness
- Hypertech Adjustable Fuel Regulator
- MSD 6AL Ignition
- MSD Blaster Coil
- New AC Delco Ignition Control Module
- GM 1996 LT4 Grand Sport Valve Covers
- GM 1996 LT4 Grand Sport Injector Covers
- New Water Pump (Remanufactured)
- MSD Performance Wires
- HGK Plugs TR55
- PCM Custom Computer Calibration (Horsepower Engineering
- New Try-Y (Jet Hot Coated-Silver) (upgraded)
- New Performance Catalytic Converters (upgraded)
- Borla Cat-Back Exhaust (all stainless steel) (upgraded)
- Heavy Duty 4L60E by Century Transmission (upgraded)
- Century Transmission HD Torque Converter (2600 Stall) (upgraded)
- GM 3.42 Gears (upgraded)
- Fel Pro Differential Gasket Update (upgraded)
- Full Front End Suspension Rebuild in 2007 (upgraded heavy duty Moog parts)
- Nitrous Express GM Wet Kit (150 Shot)
- Nitrous Express 15lb Bottle
- Nitrous Express Purge Kit
- Nitrous Express Bottle Warmer
- Nitrous Express Remote Bottle Opener
- Nitrous Express Switch Panel (i.e., Open/Close, Purge, Warmer, Arm Switches)
- MSD RPM Window Switch
- MSD Timing Retard Switch
- Throttle Activated Switch
- High Volume Fuel Pump (Walbro 307)
- New Zex Fuel Pump Booster
- New Nitrous Express Fuel Safety Switch
- New Nitrous Express Electric Bottle Pressure Gauge

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