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Export / euro tail lamp part numbers, lowrider sources

Part Numbers
for the export "euro" lenses with the amber bottom:
right side LAMP,TAIL - RH 5976636
left side LAMP,TAIL - LH 5976635

Couldn't find the parts anywhere. Not listed at,, or (you have to enter zip codes so it seems to do only regional searches). The number still shows up at but doesn't say if any dealers have it (you have to enter in zip codes so it seems to do only regional searches). I really miss that old website (can't remember the name) where we could do part number searches of GM dealers nationwide and it would show how many were in inventory.

Lowrider Sources
The lowriders in California and elsewhere liked using these lenses.

I'm pretty sure this lowrider supplier can find you a pair. He sold some in the past

Here's another guy that wanted to sell a pair two years ago for $400 (ouch!). Maybe he still has them:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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