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I have had my '94 for two months. It has the V92 trailering package - 140 amp alternator, V08 HD cooling, engine oil cooler, limited slip differential, 2.93(?) gears. I have already added a Yakima roof rack and Draw-Tite Class III hitch.

Now, I have almost all of my parts to upgrade to a tough super wagon. I should be done in mid August. Here are the parts:

GM deep transmission pan
HD 5/8" limo ball joints
BMR rear lower control arms
Bilstein B46-1104 HD front shocks
GM rear air shocks
Hotchkis 2206 F&R sway bars
Moog Idler Arm
Lower body mounts
Trailer brake controller
Trailer light isolator
Buick Roadmaster steering damper
Impala Wheels
Nitto 275/50/17 106V 450 All Season Tires

It already goes faster than I can, so I won't be messing with engine/drive train items.

The car has just had its first problem since I got it in May. The left rear window is not raising and lowering correctly.

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Sounds like you got a good plan of attack!

The window thing is common. NAISSO sells the fix for it, as a kit that will do 2 windows. I think it's like 15 bucks.

Good luck, and let's see some pics!


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Sounds good!

On the balljoints, I assume you have EVERYTHING needed for that swap? Namely, new spindles (or ability to have them remachined) and also new lower control arms (or ability to have them remachined).

In other words, it ain't as simple as just removing one set of balljoints and plugging in the bigger ones :D

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I have the knuckles and lower control arms for the ball joints. I hope that the spindles are in good shape. 46K miles.

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I looked at the NAISSO site and could not find the window parts repair kit. Can you give me an assist here?



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Where did you get the Buick steering stabilizer? I phoned 4 GM dealers, and they do not list one. All the parts stores don't list one either.
My 96 Wagon has one, and also has a bracket welded to the frame for the passenger side mount. I would also have to change the center link unless a universal one has a clamp arrangement.

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Well, here is the status. I have hit three snags along the way.

1. 1T1 silicone hoses don't match my HD cooling package, at least as far as I can determine. Mine has some metal in the radiator hose near the mechanical fan. I'm holding off on this.

2. 275/50/17 tires and Impalas wheels almost rub the rear wheel well. I am going to take off the chrome and then either bend it a little or file it down a little and try again.

3. My driver's front window developed stopped going up and down smoothly, so now I fix both of them.

I have the ball joints, moog idler arm, front bilsteins, new rear air shocks, deep transmission pan installed.

All the other parts are in hand for the rest. I'll post a pic after it is done.
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