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Not sure what to call these but I'm working on making some 3d printed pieces to mount tweeters in the sail of a 1994 caprice. Not sure what other years will work but I assume the later years with mirrors on the outside of the sail will not work.

Anyways I'm on the third version and still making adjustments but I'm curious if anyone has any interest in these.

Automotive exterior Bumper Hood Fender Vehicle
Green Construction paper Plastic Triangle Paper

Basically they will snap on over the sail panel so you can attach the tweeter to these and keep your sail panel free from holes, etc.

I've already got about 30 hours of drawing and test fitting into this project and maybe another 30 ahead of me to get something that works good. You can see the evolution so far from v1 to v3 in the lower image.

I am currently using transparent green petg because that is what i have. I will say that the PETG will likely be the material of choice due to its temp resistance and flexibility but if anyone else can make recommendations I am open to suggestions.

Eventually I want to make them house the tweeter but I want to get the mount correct first to save filament. This design is also universal where as tweeter specific obviously are not.

If there is interest I'll look into selling them or possibly selling the drawing for people to print (or otherwise make) on their own. Each one takes about 8 hours to print so far plus materials and electricity. I can probably get the print time down but for now slow and steady is the way to go.

What do y'all think?
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