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I bought a Racing Helmet from the Helmet shop.

My experience is that their employees of this company are not service minded.
Felt as if I was doing them a favor. I needed information and asked them questions.
Their reply was crappy (too busy to help me).
It took three calls to get what I wanted. Grudgingly I selected a model.

Their web site is confusing and does a poor job of CLEARLY describing the Certifications.
I needed a helmet with the latest Snell certification.
The Helmet did come on time. When fitting the Helmet called them up to say the
Helmet was too tight and to get advice.

Did not mind the explaination but did mind how the information was delivered.
I felt the person on the phone was curt and was bothering them.

I discussed possibility of exchanging and with the same poor customer service attitude
directed me to the BACK of the sheet which explained a $6 restocking charge plus $8
transport. Again I did not mind those issues but the CLEAR message
received from their employee was GO AWAY.

So the next time I need a helmet I will find another company.
I will make sure this club is aware of your poor customer service.
AND will be glad to discuss it will any Impala member interested.

NOTE: The first contact was with a male, the next two with a female.

Dan Fahey

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