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I finally got my Roadmaster running after a long battle with fuel pump issues that I finally traced down to a bad connector.
Put 2000km in 6 days on it on a trip in South British Columbia. Ran great with no issues and didn't have to worry about setting up a tent every night!

I also bought a 1991 Chevy Caprice Wagon with 225,000km, a limited slip diff and no rust. It has a few dents and needs a hood/grille but in pretty good shape otherwise.

Does anyone know a good site for info on the 1A2 wagons?

Anyone in Western Canada have a spare set of gas tank straps?
I had to part them off of the Cap Wagon for my RMW.

Also looking for a hood and grille for the Caprice. Since it is white I'm sure the junkyard will have lots of ex-cab caprices.
I am guessing tank straps are totally different for a wagon over sedan? I did get a set from NAPA but they were too long.
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