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Does anyone know the size of this vacuum line? The top line has been broken off on mine for a while. I have it out because I was working on reconnecting it to the HVAC vacuum line that’s terribly hidden in the wiring harness. I temporarily fit some rubber “couplers” on but would rather use vacuum line that fits more snug. If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate the help.
I just went through the same challenge in trying to find new vacuum lines for my rebuild. They are an odd diameter and I don’t think you can use rubber given the stock lines have a hard plastic Inner Diameter. Think that is there to limit the line collapsing given vacuum and the line softening under engine compartment temperature. All the lines were originally molded to length and shape with rubber end boots. All the lines are discontinued except for this one. Here is a Rock Auto link.

I bought a few of them and cobbled together what I needed to supplement the existing lines that were in good shape. The other option is the junk yard. All the C91 cop cars have them.

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Also - while your in there consider replacing the check value feeding the Optispark and note that they are directional (white toward Opti). Might save some troubleshooting later. Good luck.

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