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vacuum line

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Hey guys, my vacuum line that controls the vents broke off at the "Y" engine wiring harness...
So should i just cut back the loom and use a small coupler with new tubing to reconnect to the intake?
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Mine broke in the same spot, after doing plugs, ICM, coil and OPTISPARK. I have about 1/2 " of the vacuum pipe, protruding from the harness.

I temporarily slipped a piece of vacuum hose on, but it's too loose. works OK w/ engine running, looses vac w/ shut off. I ordered a spool of the correct size vac hose(I think it's 7/64", but I can't check now). I plan on warming the hose in warm soapy water and slipping it on. I'll update size/results w/ I complete.

IMO the OE setup is cheesey. My Ford's use a strong vaccum pipe "tree" to supply dashboard.
yea i can get a small rubber coupler that is open at both ends i was thinking bout slipping it on them maybe with a tiny ziptie or small spring loaded clamp to clamp at both ends...either way i need to get it fixed im tired of having to wipe my windshield if it fogs up. lol
My line melted on my headers. I took a section of the plastic line to the parts store and matched the plastic OD to the ID of rubber line and ran that in place of the plastic line.
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