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Variable Effort Steering (VES) has erratic boost

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The issue I'm having is kind of hard to explain. Say for instance I'm driving on the highway and when I slightly turn the wheel, either left or right to change lanes, my steering wheel jerks to that side. It's not bump steer, because this happens on the smoothest of roads, and only happens when I slightly turn the steering wheel left or right to change lanes. My inner and outer tie rods are Moog, and less than a year old. My Idler arm is ac delco and less than a month old. Could the steering box be causing this?
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My FWB started "ghost grabbing". Removed some fluid w turkey baster but it still messes up occasionally when it is hot and i've been driving a while. Annoying, with a potential for disaster if the driver is unaware.
You will need two 5k resistors in series, and physically they'll be wired in the shape of a "3". Put one between the black wire and green wire, and one between the green wire and the red wire. This will give both proper continuity between the supply and ground wires and a stable reference voltage to the sensor input wire. In case you are wondering, the red wire is the 5V supply, the black is the low voltage reference, and the green is the signal output to the module.

In this condition, the variable effort control module will think you are not turning the steering wheel and therefore will provide minimum boost at all times.
^^Thanks for that ^^ Mine seems to get choosy in the summer. I thought it was p/s fluid and artificially inseminated it with the turkey baster. Seemed to help.
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