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Variable Effort Steering (VES) has erratic boost

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The issue I'm having is kind of hard to explain. Say for instance I'm driving on the highway and when I slightly turn the wheel, either left or right to change lanes, my steering wheel jerks to that side. It's not bump steer, because this happens on the smoothest of roads, and only happens when I slightly turn the steering wheel left or right to change lanes. My inner and outer tie rods are Moog, and less than a year old. My Idler arm is ac delco and less than a month old. Could the steering box be causing this?
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I have a theory....

My 94 RMW has this same symptom, sometimes worse than at other times. When making gradual turns at highway speeds, steering wheel suddenly jerks. I have to brace my steering hand against my knee to minimize lurching across the highway. I know I could disable the system, but I'm too stubborn to give up just yet.
Anyway, my theory is that the root cause of the problem is in the rotation sensor at the bottom of the steering column. That is, I think it gets dirty inside and at certain positions sends an inaccurate signal to the electronics. Kind of like static from a dirty radio volume control. These sensors are of course entirely obsolete and unobtainable from GM or other sources. What I did, is to actually buy an entire junkyard steering column, and throw away everything but the rotation sensor! I have been using electronic cleaner/lube on the sensor, but have yet to swap it into my car. We shall see what happens!
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My 94 RMW does the same thing. I **believe** the problem is that the steering wheel position sensor gets dirty and stops sending info to the computer system at certain wheel positions.
This problem has been discussed here over the years, under varying names. The simplest solution is to unplug the wheel position sensor (it is at the bottom of the steering column, under the hood). Then it will have one level of steering effort all the time.
It may be possible to use electronic switch cleaner on this unit (for example, from Radio Shack). Comes in a spray can. Might be necessary to remove the sensor from the column temporarily to do this. I plan to do this "one of these years."
The sensor is NLA from Buick or Cadillac (Fleetwood used same unit). There was a similar sensor used on other GM vehicles, that is still available, but would evidently require some adaptation. It is cheap enough that it might be worth buying one and experimenting.
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