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Variable Effort Steering (VES) has erratic boost

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The issue I'm having is kind of hard to explain. Say for instance I'm driving on the highway and when I slightly turn the wheel, either left or right to change lanes, my steering wheel jerks to that side. It's not bump steer, because this happens on the smoothest of roads, and only happens when I slightly turn the steering wheel left or right to change lanes. My inner and outer tie rods are Moog, and less than a year old. My Idler arm is ac delco and less than a month old. Could the steering box be causing this?
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I just thought about something. My steering was hella loose before this problem started, I little to no resistance in my steering. But now, since this "ghost grab" non-sense started, my steering feels a bit tighter. Was something not working before, that's kicking in and working now?

Also, I've noticed that sometimes I get more resistance when turning the wheel left, as opposed to the right. Does anyone have a picture of this connector that needs to be unplugged? I need to either eliminate or fix this asap.
When I just drove my Fleetwood out of the dealer parking lot, the steering scared me. It was too lose. Changing lanes was kind of stressful as well. I ran onboard diagnostics and got 128 which is VES related. Never fixed the problem, just got used to it. Rarely I will have limited effort steering at low speeds.

By the way, any malfunction of VES will turn the system to full effort assist. so disconnecting anything is not going to help in your case either.
So is there anything I can do besides just getting used to it lol? I can't deal with having stiff steering one day, loose the next. Not to mention feeling like my car is sliding on ice every time I go to take a curve or change lanes. There has to be a solution.
Check for trouble codes and take it from there. You need a FSM for trouble shouting problems like that.
Unplug the four-pin potentiometer connector from the bottom of the steering column near the firewall (engine side). Problem gone forever in my car... just have full assist at all times. Much better than having scary steering through curves.

And you haven't experienced anything bad yet until it happens to you on ice or snow covered off ramp curve!!!

I give GM a 0 out of 10 for using a potentiometer on the steering column instead of an LVDT for this variable effort steering system.

It was my understanding the OP did not want full assist on highways...
For HUF, as I posted I could tell absolutely no difference in either steering effort or response comparing unconnected to connected.
That's what I predicted. :)
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