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Variable Effort Steering (VES) has erratic boost

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The issue I'm having is kind of hard to explain. Say for instance I'm driving on the highway and when I slightly turn the wheel, either left or right to change lanes, my steering wheel jerks to that side. It's not bump steer, because this happens on the smoothest of roads, and only happens when I slightly turn the steering wheel left or right to change lanes. My inner and outer tie rods are Moog, and less than a year old. My Idler arm is ac delco and less than a month old. Could the steering box be causing this?
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I had the "ghost grab" in my '96 BRW when I got it, and it turned out to be the potentiometer around the steering shaft. At the time, new ones were available from GM, and solved the problem.

Test the pot by disconnecting the plug, attaching an Ohm meter, rotate the wheel, and look for the reading to change smoothly. If it jumps around, the pot is bad.

I have heard that the VES valves on the PS pumps are now unobtanium. The last time I went junk yard diving, all cars with these valves had had them removed.

I had a -94 Fleetwood that I suspect the computer gave up on the VES, and set it to max boost all the time. By the way, this was the best driving car I ever had. The steering was accurate, with an excellent tactile feel.

On both these cars, I flushed out the old fluid and added the GM winter fluid, which is synthetic, and very expensive. Turned out to be worth it. GM PN 12345867. If you get a shrieking noise for a few seconds from your power steering pump on cold mornings, you need this stuff.
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