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Variable Effort Steering (VES) has erratic boost

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The issue I'm having is kind of hard to explain. Say for instance I'm driving on the highway and when I slightly turn the wheel, either left or right to change lanes, my steering wheel jerks to that side. It's not bump steer, because this happens on the smoothest of roads, and only happens when I slightly turn the steering wheel left or right to change lanes. My inner and outer tie rods are Moog, and less than a year old. My Idler arm is ac delco and less than a month old. Could the steering box be causing this?
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In the days of old, before the crash, this was discussed at length, so we are doomed to repeat history, having none...I heard it referred to as "Ghost Grab" and experienced it on the 1995 Roadmaster Limited wagon.

Try this, or ignore have nothing to lose except perhaps the symptom you are experiencing. Buy a bunch of power steering fluid and a turkey baster. Get a recycled gallon jug and start siphoning out the power steering fluid. You will probably find out it looks like hell. Empty out as much as you can from the reservoir, fill up, run car and do it again. Keep on until the fluild you are removing looks like the fluid you are putting in.

These cars are approaching over 15 years old, fluids break down seals age, etc. If it does not solve the problem at least you'll have clean PS fluuid and you can say I'm crazy. If it works, as it did for me, do it again in 15 years and drink a toast to the forum that was.

Keep old cars and old men with old cars young...

Richard Snipes
4501 Safari in Jax, FL
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