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Hey guys:

Your old buddy Paul Heeringa here (aka JAWSS) just dropping a quick note on the Vegas DVD. I am not able to see the various boards I used to post on (frequently) due to new (and maniacal) restrictions at my job, so I apologize for the length of this message in advance. Here goes:

1. In case you don’t know me, I am the videographer vendor for the 2nd Annual ISSCA Nationals in Vegas next week, and have been around the forums and such for a while (I drive a 96 DGGM). I am a long time member of the Herd out of Chicago, so I am fairly well known here (so, in case you were worried about buying from me, others can vouch for me I am sure - I am still around).
2. Pre orders are over. Thanks to those who participated. I have all your names, and your product will be coming off the top of the pile for shipment!
3. The price now is $19.95 plus $5 S&H. PayPal accepted at [email protected] and you can order directly from my website (see below). I also take check or money order at JAWSS Productions, c/o Paul Heeringa, 655 W Irving Park Rd, #1203, Chicago, IL. 60613.
4. Trailer will be released right before the final cut is made. Stay tuned over on my website at
5. VOLUNTEERS FOR VIDEOTAPES. A while back, I asked some of you to videotape your experiences, especially taping to trip getting TO Vegas. I am putting in a segment called “On the Road” (or something). Anyway, I have not forgotten about you. I will be RIGHT NEXT to the registration table on June 22 (next Tuesday) all day in Vegas. ALL TAPES WILL BE RETURNED AT MY EXPENSE! Just get them to me, and I will give you full credit. I want LOTS of shots of your home city, your ride, landmarks along the drive, or even the freaking PLANE! Heck, even if you have RANDOM SS or B and D body footage of you doing burnouts or whatever, and you are not going to Vegas, get that to me, and I will put it in the video! All tapes sent WILL BE USED somehow!
6. The DVD will be all digital, in DVD format only, released at the end of July. I might consider a videotape run if there is enough interest. Email me directly at [email protected] if you want VHS.
7. SUBPODS CUSTOMERS. I still have people interested in the SubPods I make, and stereo equipment. I have not been focusing on that side business (law school is my main gig) lately, but hope to be back into it soon. I am still around, and can always be reached directly if you have questions. Trying to cut the price in half, so hence why I have not been pushing them (don’t want unhappy buyers).

That’s it for now guys. Be sure to say HI to me in Vegas on Tuesday. I am not competing (I am out of vacation time) and will only be there to get the ball rolling for my partners and the video crew. My crew is top notch and they love rides, so don’t be shy when you see them. My overall goal is a fun, cool product, and that EVERYONE, and I mean EVERY SINGLE person’s ride at Vegas gets in the video!

Take care!

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