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Vinyl roof removal????

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Ok... I am looking at a 96 Fleetwood now. I may be trading my truck on it. It's a nice charcoal color. But it has the Vinyl padded roof. About how much money am I looking at at a bodyshop to have the roof removed? Or is it something I could do on my own? Anything I should know or consider?

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The vinyl roof delete is one of my winter projects... possibly this next week since I will have some time off. I started this once but got interrupted and had to back up.

This is what I learned...
For the most part you can do this yourself. The roof is painted and clearcoated under the vinyl and unlike older cars the vinyl padding is self-adhesive instead of sprayed on glue. This means that it WILL peel off! It comes off perfectly clean although there is some effort involved. Use a hair dryer to warm it up and it just rolls off.

Now for the minor complications...
The molding at the bottom of the C-pillar is held on by clips on a stud that is welded to the body. There are about 3 on each side that will have to be ground/cut off and refinished/touched up. Also the rear window does not have the rubber molding around the edge. You will have to get the entire rear window ($100 +/-)from a non-VR salvage because the molding is not sold separately.

The only other issue is that you may need a roof joint molding at the top of the C-pillar. #10205994 & #10205995 $31.75 each. When equipped with the VT the factory just throws some filler in there which will also have to be removed or finished and painted.

Let me know when/if you get into this... I can give you the procedures for getting all of thh moldings/trim off.

BTW, The Fleetwood Brougham was available as a special order without the vinyl top. Good Luck finding one though... I have tried. The only ones that I have ever found were NOT for sale :rolleyes:
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Thanks Bill, I'll look into it more if I do definately get the car...

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