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Hey guys,

I had a Viper 550 ESP installed in my B4U sometime soon after I bought it in 2003.

The battery in the second of two remotes is dying, so I popped the back cover off to see what size battery it needs. The thing is hidden by the circuit board! Can I safely pull that thing off, or do I have to buy new remotes? Looking through the manual told me jack sh.t.

Also, the remote start suddently stopped working earlier this year. I didn't sweat it when the weather wasn't bad, but I really hate winter and need my car to be heated up when I leave for work at 5:45am. Called DEI and they said "take it back to get it reprogrammed" at my cost, of course.

The shop where I bought the alarm is out of business after 30 years in Kansas City, so I'll have to try somewhere else. Any of you installers still deal with these? Or is there a new version out that is somehow better?

Thanks for any info.
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