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Last Sunday while I was sleeping someone attacked my baby with a crowbar - they did the following:

the locks were smashed out on passengers side door and the trunk

the viper alarm siren was smashed/ ripped out under the hood

the glove compartment was smashed open

the head unit was pried out with the crowbar - very crude and the console is now hideously bent into a parralelogram

the face plate and all my favorite cds were stolen

the 600 watt amp in the trunk was stolen but he left the capacitor the mtx amp and the woofer - he didn't even unpug it he just cut all my expensive monster wires

So far I have fixed the glove compartment with epoxy but the trunk can be popped with a screwdriver and the passenger door likewise:

here is what I was thinking as possible repair plan: I get the trunk to pop with my alarm and just bondo over were the lock used to be and paint to match - likewise for passenger door and just unlock it from drivers door

get new alarm siren and install

wire the mtx amp into the infinities and just sell the woofer

get a new head unit and just live with a smashed up dash

start rebuilding my cd collection

Any other tips/ tricks - has anyone had this sort of thing happen and thought of a way to make the caprice more secure - I feel naked knowing you can just pop the door locks off like that and rip out an alarm siren - the only reason they couldn't steal it was the ignition cut off circuit - they left a hacksaw on the floor next to my steering wheel but didn't start sawing


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I hate to be an ass.. But quit dropping money into stereo's and put a downpayment on a house or a town home with a garage. Then park it inside. Alarms aren't worth a crap. Anti-theft isn't worth a crap. If they want it, and its easy to get to, its theirs.

But, there is a big difference between radio theft (misdimeanor or lower felony) and entering a garage (usually considered burglary) in a thiefs mind. Speaking generally, there are easier fish for him to fry.

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There is a mod to move the trunk keyhole into the license plate area. Hopefully someone else is able to direct you to a website with the instructions.


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Oh yeah, one more thing, GhoSSt is right, if they want it, they will get it. But, any alarm is simply better than nothing, even though they got your stuff, they had to work that much harder, and they didn't get your car!
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