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I have a 1995 Caprice wagon that is a summer daily driver/occasionally taken to the strip that i want to do a suspension over haul. I did some research on what I think I need to accomplish it. I would appreciate the opinions of anyone that has knowledge or has already done this.

1.Sway Bars from Speed Inn
The front is 1 3/8" the rears are either 1 5/16" or 1 1/2". Which rear bar is recommended?

2.Springs from Speed Inn
They will lower the car 1" to 1 1/4".

3.Lower Rear Control Arms either from Speed Inn or Global West.
LRCA part# is TBC-12
Tie Rod Sleeves part# is ADJ-3 (do I need these?)Also is it recommended that any of the other control arms be replaced?

4.With the above suspension mods would aftermarket shocks be a good idea or keep the stock shocks up front and the airbags in the rear. If recommended to change the shocks which ones should I go with (part #s)? Also is there any other things that would be suggested to do with the information that I have gathered.
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