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What Energy Suspension bushings is everyone using for the 17mm bar? I got 9.5121G but the bolt holes on the included brackets aren't wide enough to attach to 3" exhaust clamps. Greasable bushings would be nice, too...

It seems Energy Suspension has 2 main styles of bushings. The "small" ones (0.625" bracket to swaybar centerline) and the "big" ones (0.750" bracket to swaybar centerline). The ones I ordered are the "small" ones, and those brackets aren't wide enough. But I can't find any "big" ones for 17mm swaybar, and I can't find brackets for "small" ones that are wider.
I believe I used brackets for a larger size swaybar and just cut a bit off of where the bushing is slit to make it fit the smaller swaybar.

A nice sharp razor and a few washers as a shim to make it pinch properly.


1 - 5 of 267 Posts
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