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Could you post the part#'s for all this stuff?
i,d like to go shopping ,..
Nick, maybe take the bar out of your Lincoln and try it out on the RMW! :D

But seriously, if this really makes a big difference in how the car handles, it seems like a pretty simple low $ task, with no major modifications required to accomplish.

What I find amusing is that there are folks who wouldn't dream of 'contaminating' their GM car with a Ford part, but the truth is many parts like that could be contracted to 'The XYZ Sway Bar Works' who supplies them for Ford, GM, Chrysler and even Toyota. I know this is the case for many parts like plastic fans, coolant reservoirs, interior trim and upholstery etc. - I know people who work in the plants making them! All they do is add a decal with the car company name or emboss the name in the plastic mold, and it's a 'Ford' or 'GM' part.

So I would have no problem with adding this sway bar to my RMW, and it was an amazing discovery (as stated earlier in this thread)

1 - 1 of 267 Posts
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