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Anyone know what the factory spring-rates were on these cars?

I want to firm it up and lower it, but rather than pay a premium for aftermarket coils, I prefer just to order stock-car springs from AFCO or Tru-Coil, and dial in the height with Speedway height adjusters.

Also curious if anyone has done a corner-weight or just front/rear weight.

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My factory rear springs are just about smack on 200 inch pound rate.

The 9C1 springs (.733 wire)I have in the front right now are 415 inch pound.

I can't find my stock front info but for what it's worth they are .68 some odd wire.

Last time had my car on scales it was
1158 LF
1161 RF
1135 LR
1088 RR

4541 total


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I'm a firm believer in the heavy-spring/small swaybar way of making a car handle.

My chevelle is getting 700#F/175#R with stock front bar/no rear bar for starters, but if it's not enough I may bump it up to 800# fronts
That will leave me with an extra set of 700# 5"x9.5" that all I would need to do is spend $45 on a pair of adjusters to make them work in the wagon. :cool: I was thinking 225# rears for the wagon, but if stock is #200, I may go with #250s... not sure yet. Of course cutting a #225 to drop it more might get me in the 235# range which I think will be very good for this heavy of a car.

Of course, this all depends on what I do with the Chevelle, but the front springs will interchange as long as height adjusters are used.

I don't buy into the big "band aid" sway-bar theories... you're not going to gain traction in a corner by taking weight off the other side :rolleyes:

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I'll have to crawl under again, but I'm pretty sure they're 5" dia.

I'll put my heavy-spring/small-bar chevelle against any light-spring/big-bar chevelle on the skidpad any day... as soon as I can afford some sticky tires :D
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