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With the exception of wheels and tires that are currently on my '95, I have just finished up the suspension mods on my '94 Caprice Tow Wagon.

9C1 5/8" Lower Ball Joint and Knuckles
Moog Idler Arm
Buick Steering Stabilizer
Bilstein 1104 HD Front Shocks
Hotchkis 2206 F&R Sway Bars and Front End Links
BMR Rear Lower Control Arms
New GM Air Shocks

The difference is amazing. I would say that the most important change was the shocks because the old ones were shot. But the most spectacular change was truly the Hotchkis F&R Bars. It took the "barge" feel right out of my wagon with only a mild increase in ride harshness.

Dallas Frame and Alignment did say that my front upper control arm bushings are worn a bit, but could wait.

I am very curious what will happen when I put the 275/50/17 tires and wheels on this weekend. This is where I hate the mix and match, because all the pieces in a suspension really need to work together.

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I agree that the bars make a tremendous difference in handling, but don't stop there. Do the body bushing mod. It was the last mod I did on my tow package Estate and the improvement in structural rigidity was noticable. This was the case even though my Estate was built with the 9C1 bushings at all mounts and I was merely upgrading to thicker bushings and not installing bushings in the place of washers. For $70 and 30 minutes it really pays off.

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I did that too, I just forgot to list it. And last night I got the 275/50/17s switched from the '95 to the '94, so I am just about set.
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