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...and my car is busting at the seams!

I'm all packed up and ready to go. Hopefully I won't come back as packed up!!!

Let's see... What's in there?
Front & rear impala bumper covers
Full set of 60/40 bonnies
full set of RM rims & tires
S10 console
big cooler
Max's cage
3 gallons of ATF
1 gallon of AF
old posi
extra armrest
Accel ignition
1LE elbow
and a few other small things

AND I had to leave enough room in the back for a 4L60 and our clothes and stuff... ;)

(and I really feel like I'm forgetting something!)

I love these cars.

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Now that's packed. Looking forward to meet you guy's and put a face to the names. All you guy's know me for is putting the sedan front clip on a 94' X-Woddy wagon if you haven't forgot. By the way that guy is on the board here and I wonder if he's going to the Fest!

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Woah :eek:

You be careful!!! See you there man
We will be leaving here shortly....I am so excited....I'll have to NOT speed....can't wait to get there ;)
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