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Brought my car to my mech yday to diagnose a coolant leak which I hope is the rear steam crossover line, and not the water jacket, which only leaks AFTER shutting down AFTER the engine has been at operating temp for at least 30min.

Before the mech could definitively witness much less diagnose the coolant leak at the back of the engine, the fuel pump died in the mech's lift.

If I wanted to replace it with a Walbro or AeroMotive fuel pump instead of the standard fuel pump [so I can turn up the fuel pressure from 3 to 4 bar, and I fear the OEM-spec pump might starve at WOT @ 4 bar], which fuel pump assembly should I replace it with?

Or does the OEM fuel pump still have enough performance margin if I turn up the fuel pressure to 4 bar?
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