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Want louder horns...

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I'm looking for a cheap replacement for our horns, my current set up is 4 horns off a 92 roadmaster, there a little louder then the stock 2 horn set up, but I just want to know if anyone else is running something off another GM that is louder. Thanks
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It's easy enough to add some cheap Wolo air horns with a small compressor. I got their "Big Rig" ones, two long horns and hid them inside the bumper support, all I had to do for the power was tap off of the stock horns, so both stock ones and both air horns all go on at once. It's no hornblasters kinda deal but way louder than stock and around $30.
Thanks, but was leaning towards getting them out of a car at a junkyard and throwing them maybe a newer cadilliac or high end buick
Why limit yourself to something used and factory? Wolo/Hella/PIAA make horns stock size that are dirt cheap and most are under $30. Any option like that is gonna be way louder than factory horns.
I got tired of stock replacements too. If you wanna go cheap and easy to get, the Wolo's can't be beat. I got the three bell set-up with the 'coke can' compressor. Put it all in the bumper and had it wired and working in less than an hour.
Pedestrians fkn HATE me! Gotta get a real horn someday. : )

Here's some pics:

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Nice, I'll look into it, thanks for the replies
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