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Yup!! That's right. You can win a Caprice.

I was looking through my email and I get this junk from all the time, but today I got one about a band/guy named "Custom". He sings "Hey Mister..."

Anyways, I was intrigued by this email because it has Custom standing by a black Caprice doing a burnout. How can you not take a look at what this dude is doing right?
Well if you are intersted, here's the link:
Custom @

On there is a link to Custom cars video, it's a short 30 sec clip of a Caprice roasting the meats across the way from where the WTC were. (Obviously filmed prior to Sept 11) Also there's a link to a Caprice giveaway!!!
Good luck!! I'd rather one of us win the car than someone who don't know jack.
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