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Water pump ???

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96 SS with less than 80K .... the car gets hot (near 210 degrees) within 15-20 mins of city use .... fluid levels are good ... could it be the water pump?

thanks alot guys :D
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Maybe the thermostat, are the fans coming on as scheduled?
yes the fans are coming on .... by the way, this thread is regarding my brothers 67 SS with the 96 LT1 in it ... so keep that in mind while you ponder the possibilities

thanks again for the help
Sounds like a stuck thermostat. Swap it out and see what happens.
Be sure someone didn't put in an old-school thermostat from a Gen I Chevy 350. Some counter people don't know the difference, but the old-school thermostat will give these symptoms. See shoebox's most excellent site.
210 isn't hot at all for an LT1. The fans aren't even commanded to turn on yet.
210 isn't hot at all for an LT1. The fans aren't even commanded to turn on yet.

With stock programming, the primary fan does not turn on until the ECT sensor sees 225F, the secondary at 232F. What you are describing is completely normal. The temperature threshold for overheating is around 250 - 260F.
+1 on check thermostat and also do a pressure test. Was the cap ever replaced and is this conversion using the stock tank system and cap? Is the WP dripping? As Cletus said, these temps are not bad but check anyway if it will make you feel better.
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