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Wax As You Dry

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As part of my neverending saga to keep my 1995 DCM shiny and spotless, I recently picked up some Eagle 1 Wax As You Dry. I wish I had a good review for it but dont. As i dried the car it left a lot of streaking, as if I had applied wax to a dry car. This residue took a lot of elbow grease to remove. My opinion, if you want to wax, just wax, save time and shoulder. Just my .02.
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The only spray wax that is really worth it, is meguiars ultimate quik wax. It's good for about 2 weeks, you can apply it to a warm surface in the sunlight, won't stain trim or crevasses. Also good on windows. I wouldn't recommend applying it as you dry. That stuff HATES water; It's basically NXT 2.0 in a spray bottle.

But to get the best protection, do two coats of wax/sealant.
or Zaino...
meguiars tech wax is some good stuff. especially for rub on, rub off
meguiars tech wax is some good stuff. especially for rub on, rub off
The spray wax that says NXT on it? Ultimate quick wax is really an improved furmula of that stuff. Give it a try.
I like Griots Garage "Best of Show Wax".

Griots also carries a spray wax that you can spray on as you dry the car.

It works great. :)

I get positive comments on the original paint on my 1994 RMS at shows all the time. ;)

I looked on the Griots website and read on the "Best of Show Wax" and it wasn't mentioned if it leaves the chalky residue like other brands of wax do?
If you have that problem with most waxes, then more than likely, you're applying too much wax.
What kind do you use?
Usually Maguires.
Mother's, period.
That's weird. Even gold class won't chalk up with me.
I apply is so then that it's barely visible. Don't apply it like Jose Zuniga. He globs that **** on!
No biggy. Every car forum should have at least a couple wax wars.
What's up with the yellow wax? Who makes it?

all the way down. works awsome and last for at least 6 weeks and i wash my car once a week really easy to put on too not alot of force required leave it on for 25-30 min take off and watch water bead off
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